Cat Cakes for the Birthday Boys

My boyfriend and I have two cats, their names are Kuechly (pronounced keekly, after Luke Kuechly the Carolina Panther) and Moo (because he looks like a cow). We love them dearly and they are the king of our household. They turned one at the end of April (yes, this blog got published a bit later than I anticipated) and I wanted to do something extra special for them. I searched the internet for how to make a cat birthday cake. Then a light bulb went off: I am the culinary kitten and I should make my own recipe for other cat-lovers to happen upon. With the help of my friend, who is an amazing photographer and their past foster mama, I planned a first birthday party for my special boys complete with individual cakes, party hats, and decoration.

tofu ingredients

It was a hot, humid day as I was running around Dallas trying to find birthday hats, party decorations, and organic ingredients for the elaborate photo shoot I had planned. The first stop was The Upper Paw in Deep Ellum for the party hats. Any fellow Dallasites, I highly recommend the Upper Paw for all your pet needs, but especially an assortment of hats. Then it was to the Dollar Tree for a birthday banner and the “1” candles because you can’t have a party without those items. Last stop was Sprouts for some organic sweet potato baby food and albacore tuna.

marinated tofu

I originally was just going to find a recipe online for a cat birthday cake, and take some pictures on my phone of the cats enjoying their special birthday treat, but once I decided to create my own recipe, my wild, cat-lady ideas took off. I asked my friend Flavia if she could come over and take pictures of the cats for their birthday. Then I decided that they should have party hats and decorations. Then I decided to make a blog post about it and asked for photos of the whole process. Thankfully I have such a talented and amazing friend and she did this for me in exchange for pizza and cat food (for her cats).


Kuechly with the ingredients

The “cake batter” I created was quite simple:
Serving size: Six 3 oz cakes

  • 2 – 5 ounce canned albacore tuna in water
  • 2 ½ tablespoons organic sweet potato baby food
  • Optional: handful of cat treats

tomatoes and onions


  • Drain canned tuna, places in a bowl, add sweet potato baby food and mash well with a fork.
  • Add cat treats to each muffin tin, then add tuna mixture. Firmly pack mixture
  • Press muffin tin against a cookie sheet and flip over, releasing the tuna mixture from the muffin tin. You can freeze the muffin tin for a few minutes to make this step easier.
  • Optional: add candles

Supervisor Moo on duty

After teasing them by mixing tuna in front of them, it was finally time for the cake smash! The tuna cakes are the only reason they kept their hats on for the entire time.

The aftermath of their birthday party. Kuechly was more than ready to get that hat off his head and Moo stole the rest of his cake. If my cats could talk they would 10/10 recommend this birthday cake recipe, they said it was purrfect!

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